Training and Development

Leasehold Management

Leasehold Management

Ian Thompson runs bespoke training courses for residential managing agents, tailored to the needs of delegates whether at trainee or director level. Recently designed courses include:

  • Lease Reading and Interpretation;
  • An Introduction to Property Management (one and two day courses);
  • S20 Consultation;
  • Service Charge Accounting;
  • Preparing for a Tribunal.

All courses can be delivered as a stand alone session or as part of a series aiming to develop the knowledge of your organisation and teams over a period of time.

Ian’s experience of building surveying, residential management and the First Tier Tribunal makes him an excellent trainer for residential management agents.

Contact Ian Thompson by email to discuss your Training and Development requirements now or call him on 07973 655358.

Performance Management

Performance management is the practice of connecting the long term strategy of an organisation to the day to day performance of its people; by specifying what is required of each employee at all levels and monitoring their performance to track their achievement.

Sally Trevaskis can deliver a bespoke Performance Management Training Course within your organisation for groups of first line, middle and senior managers. This Performance Management Training would be tailored to your organisation’s performance management framework and the specific areas that managers feel they need to develop.

Contact Sally Trevaskis by email to discuss your performance management requirements now or call her on 07866 314156.

Performance Management
Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Both Sally Trevaskis and Ian Thompson are able to provide on going coaching and mentoring support to individuals either through on line platforms or face to face.

The aim of Trevaskis Consulting’s coaching and mentoring support is ultimately performance enhancement and it is expected that clients will focus upon leasehold management or performance management.

Trevaskis Consulting’s coaching and mentoring support can be agreed for a single person, for a specific management team or for an organisation. We would agree clear, measurable objectives at the beginning of the commission and the overall aim of the coaching and mentoring support would be a demonstrable performance improvement for the individual, team or organisation.

Contact Sally Trevaskis by email to discuss your coaching and mentoring requirements now or call her on 07866 314156.